Improve Student Learning: Memory Trick for Test Success

February 22, 2023 0 By admin

Take your testing skills to the next level and improve student learning with a simple memory trick. You might understand something, but recalling it for a stressful test can be difficult. This memory trick might just be the answer to your testing troubles.

The Solution: The Information Cloud

It’s time to make an information cloud. Begin by making IB Extended Essay and TOK tutors list of important learning points in the subject you’d like to improve on. Write down main points that you think could be test material. Your list can be developed and grown as you progress into the semester.

To really absorb information you need to read it multiple times. By making a list of the most important points you have created an easy study guide that you can always turn back to. You will really thank yourself when finals time comes by. Once you’re done with your list, write labels for each significant point or group related points together. Re-write the list with the most important points first. Numbered lists can help you make sure you don’t miss a line.

Finally, envision your list in your mind. Go through it in detail with your eyes closed. See the image of the paper in your brain. This strategy uses numerous types of learning making it more likely to stick. You use kinetic while you write and visual as you read. For extra help you might even read the list out loud.

Why It Works

Finding what learning style works best for you and incorporating that style into your study habits will immensely improve student learning and test scores. You can also take quizzes online to determine what learning style best suits you. This fail-proof way to study involves so many of the different learning styles you can’t help to remember. Of course it is necessary that you put the time in to read over the notes and go through this process. Simply reading through a book for hours may not help you on a test because it doesn’t stay in your mind. The bullet point form of your list will really help improve your studying habits and change your mind set. Just thinking about what questions the teacher could use on a test from the material will help the way you study. Remember to look at tests once you get them for hints on how the teacher comes up with questions. And most importantly, study on!