Remote Influence – A Path Breaking Discovery

Remote Influence – A Path Breaking Discovery

February 23, 2023 0 By admin

Do you know what remote influence is? Since many years doctors and the psychologists have been using hypnosis as a tool to help people achieve some goals like losing weight, quitting some bad habits like smoking or consuming alcohol and also overcoming fears and so on. The mind is their valuable tool which can be used to achieve almost anything in this world. The mind when reaches a state of peace and relaxation is completely ready to take up new challenges and to make them a reality.

There are many researchers working on the subject of remote viewing. There are experiments conducted on individuals as well as large groups of people to study the power of remote. Many interesting insights have been found when such experiments were conducted. It has been completely proved true that the mind can influence the body. The mind can completely control the functions of the body and the also do a lot more. In a peculiar experiment one of the researchers was successful in controlling the heart of an animal such as a frog. He was successful in literally stopping the heart beat of a frog with only one tool called his mind. This incident gave more and more credibility and power to the subject of remote intelligence. It clearly indicates that the mind can influencer discovery anything in this universe from a remote place. It’s an amazing discovery and is a path breaking insight which can completely change the human being’s life.

Subsequently there were many experiments that were conducted and more and more insights revealed some interesting facts about the mind and its power in the remote influence area. Isn’t it interesting to note that your mind can influence anything in this universe from any remote area? If used properly, this concept of remote influence can open new vistas in human life. You need to completely remember the fact that remote influence can only be used for the positive reasons. Many of the practitioners say that this concept of remote influence cannot be used successfully if we have any negative influence in our intention. It clearly means that you cannot influence any person for your selfishness or self-centered interests. But if you want to cure somebody of any ailment or help somebody from remote distance you can definitely use this concept of remote influence.

If you want to know more about promote influence, first of all you need to know more about your own mind and its subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is the powerhouse of all the energy of the mind. You need to keep it completely clean if you want to be a pure human being. Only positive thoughts have to be sent into your subconscious mind in order to maintain its health and also lead a beautiful life. If you can completely make your subconscious mind work for you then you are almost ready to master the remote influence. If you can control your own subconscious mind then you can definitely be able to control other elements in this universe and then you can start remote influence using your mind as the ultimate tool to it.