Your Questions Answered About Clear Braces

May 6, 2023 0 By admin

The American Association of Orthodontists recommends having an orthodontic treatment at an early age. However, you can still get effective treatment even at an advanced age. Such treatment may involve clear braces, which adults tend to prefer because of the aesthetic value.

Understanding Clear Braces

Clear braces are a unique form of ceramic braces. Unlike conventional ceramic braces which have brackets of a whitish, tooth-color shade, this variety consists of brackets that possess very high translucency. This is the reason why they are given the term ‘clear’.

Due to the clear brackets, this type of braces is ideal in giving a less conspicuous appearance. Patients should not have too much concern about the visibility of the braces while undergoing treatment.

A clear bracket is the only difference between this type of braces and other conventional types of Australian ceramics braces. You would still have metal wires running across your teeth, as well as elastic bands attached to it. However your braces would still be less conspicuous than conventional varieties, since brackets are normally the most prominent features for any type of braces.

How to Take Care of Your Braces

Understandably, taking good care of your teeth tends to become a bit more challenging once you have braces on. This may be particularly so for Australians who normally forget to brush their teeth before bed (based on a 2014 report by the Australian Dental Association).

Before you put on braces, the surface of your teeth is plain and smooth. However, once braces are in place, you get so many tiny spaces which can trap food. The trapped food can easily cause plaque and lead to other dental problems.

Due to the added risk of developing plaque, you must be extra vigilant concerning proper oral care. The most important oral care habit is brushing your teeth after each and every meal, including snacks. You should also develop a habit for rinsing with mouthwash and flossing at least once every day.

Although such oral care habits may seem quite extensive, they are intended to prevent serious oral health issues. It would be even better if you avoided particular foods, such as crunchy or sticky snacks, which can further increase the risk of plaque. Neglecting proper oral care can also lead to additional time being spent in braces or unsightly stains on your teeth.

Choosing Between Clear and Regular Ceramic Braces

At times, clear brackets may not be your best option. This is particularly so if your teeth have a dark coloration. In such instances tooth-colored ceramic brackets will provide a better aesthetic appeal.

For people who have light or clear teeth, clear brackets would offer the best choice. Your orthodontist is best placed to prescribe the best brand suited to the color of your teeth.

What Creates The Difference Between Clear And Ceramic Braces?

Regular ceramic brackets are made of a metal known as polycrystalline alumina. This is a whitish, tooth-colored substance that gives the braces their characteristic appearance.

On the other hand, clear brackets are made of monocrystalline alumina, which is more translucent. Both the monocrystalline and polycrystalline alumina possess superior physical strength as well as favorable optical properties.