Why to Think About Having Chinese Business Cards

May 8, 2023 0 By admin

You may wonder why it’s important to have a Chinese business card. Maybe you think that your English business card will be enough to get by? However, this view could mean you end up providing a poor image when in areas such as Taiwan, Hong Kong and China for the purpose of business negotiations, visiting suppliers, customers etc.

It’s important to have a business card localized to your destination when doing business in the areas listed above. They are presented and accepted two hands to show respect and the content of the card can play an increasingly important role in making sure you have successful business talks. People like to feel that they are negotiating with and getting to know someone who is at or near the top of the company when they are negotiating. They may not understand the term ‘managing director’ and as such be unsure as to whether they are dealing digital namecard with someone with appropriate power to conclude negotiations. So, ensuring that an accurate Chinese translation of your job title should be at the top of your list of priorities.

The people that you are meeting may very well not be able to speak or understand the English language. Though their written English is OK they may very well not be confident enough to communicate with you using the English language. When faced with a name such as ‘Jonathan Quaid-Sturgess’ they may, understandably, have no confidence in pronouncing the name. As such, h.aving a multi language English and Chinese name card with English and Mandarin Chinese on each side will be extremely important Those who are confident with English may decide to use your English name whilst those who are not may decide against it. It is beneficial if they at least have the opportunity to use the Chinese equivalent of your name, whether it is a translation that succeeds in capturing the sounds within your name or is instead an authentic Chinese name chosen for whatever reason; perhaps the positive meanings of the characters.

A further consideration is that if you go to the trouble of producing a Chinese business card then it shows that you are serious about doing business in China. You are showing an understanding of the culture that will stand you in good stead for any negotiations that follow and hopefully reward by building a good business relationship with you.