Why Some Connecticut Colleges Charge Some Parents Less For Tuition And How You Can Get Free Money

April 27, 2023 0 By admin

Many Connecticut parents don’t realize it but many Connecticut colleges are giving students a break to help with the rising cost of tuition in Connecticut. When this happens it’s called tuition discounting, but don’t ask the colleges if they discount tuition because few colleges will admit to the public that they discount their tuition. For the record tuition discounting is merely reducing the sticker price of a college in Connecticut in order to attract students to fill the college’s enrollment needs. It has been documented that many freshman are receiving some form of institutional grant that reduced college tuition by 28% to 38%.

Usually Connecticut college tuition discounts are often non-need based and are used to lure students with special talents or merit to the college. This type of financial aid is becoming more prevalent across the U.S. for affluent families who do not qualify for need-based financial aid. Consequently, it is becoming increasingly important for Connecticut Concierge College Consulting and college admissions consultants to explore this type of financial aid for families.

You may be thinking, why would a Connecticut college reduce the price that it charges for tuition. There are many reasons why a particular college offers tuition discounts and incentives. Some of the obvious reasons are to:

Attract better students

Compete with public university prices

Increase freshmen class size (fill empty seats)

Increase ratings average

Boost net revenues

Improve the diversity of the student body

Attract legacies (students of alumni)

Attract students from wealthy families (increase alumni contributions)
Regardless of the reason, it has been proven in studies that those Connecticut colleges actually benefit in the long run from price discounting decisions. Understanding how and where to find those colleges in Connecticut that offer money inducements gives students an opportunity for a quality education while reducing their overall college costs. Because colleges do not publicly broadcast the fact that they offer tuition discounts and incentives to discriminate meet their administrative agendas parents have to search for the information using a variety of sources including online resources and Connecticut college consultants. However, many parents are getting an even bigger tuition discounts by hiring Connecticut admissions consultants or college consultants who have extensive knowledge regarding schools that award the most non-need based merit aid. If you don’t qualify for need based aid, but know that you can’t afford the tens of thousands of dollars to send your child to college then get dozens of FREE strategies, tips and insider secrets below.