Why do people smoke cannabis?

March 14, 2023 0 By admin


Here are some frequently asked questions. Why do people smoke cannabis?

There are many reasons people use drugs, and we don’t have all the answers. However, there are several classic psychological reasons why people start and continue to smoke cannabis.

psychological reasons

Psychological reasons for taking drugs can be similar to why people make purchases at certain times, visit certain websites, or choose impulsive or momentary courses of action.

Dopamine transporters make up only 1% of your brain, but they are “connected” to the most important parts.

Dopamine is commonly associated with the “reward system”, providing pleasure and cannabis delivery Halifax that motivates us to perform certain activities.

Dopamine is released to reward experiences like food, sex, and drugs.

The function of dopamine transmitters is not fully understood, but they may explain a variety of “impulses” in human behavior. We will be naturally drawn to any activity that offers a reward. This may explain why humans take drugs for immediate compensation when their long-term negative effects are fully understood.

Here’s a workflow diagram to explain the process:

We are conditioned to seek out food and are rewarded not only with nutrients but also with “dopamine rewards”. This reward is learned to repeat the process. Drugs can also give us positive experiences (“excitement”), which coupled with “dopamine reward” encourages “learned” and habitual behavior.

This would explain the circular causality experienced by many addicts. They get bored (hunger), take pills (nutrition), receive rewards, learn associations, and the next time the positive associations are reinforced, they form a habit.

So we all have dopamine transporters, but only a few of us use the drug. Why else?

Adapting / Peer Pressure

One of the most powerful psychological factors explaining behavior is known by various expressions such as “monkeys see, monkeys do”, “peer pressure”, and “social proof”. This can be described as mimicking or mimicking the behaviors we see around us.

For many reasons, we are conditioned to do what others around us are doing. So, simply put, if there are a lot of people around us who smoke weed, we are likely to follow suit.

The pressure to adapt can be stronger among younger people, as we all know. However, taking medication to adapt is not the whole picture and should not be understood that way. However, it may be a contributing factor.

Copy of role model/hero

Another reason people smoke cannabis has to do with previous copycat behavior. People naturally seek to imitate the behavior of individuals whom their peer group admires. So the imitation of celebrities’ drug-taking habits can be explained like this.


Some of the most important role models for most people are their parents. Marijuana may be seen as a desirable alternative when many children are “learned” to drink from their parents and the effectiveness of this drug is not appreciated.


Likewise, depending on the individual and the “stage” of adolescence or young adulthood, weeding may seem like a way to distinguish oneself from one’s parents.

feel relieved

Everyone’s life can be stressful at times. Young people are particularly susceptible to sudden stress, and drug smoking can be seen as a temporary relief from this tension.

experiment/risk taking

Young people, especially men, tend to take greater risks and experiment more than people of other ages.


Many religions emphasize the importance of smoking cannabis to find oneself spiritually.


Marijuana is known as a pain reliever for a variety of ailments. For younger women, it can be especially helpful in combating menstrual cramps.


And finally, there may be evidence that the tendency to become addicted to mind-altering substances may be genetic.