What You May Not Know About Sunglasses

What You May Not Know About Sunglasses

July 7, 2023 0 By admin

As an important factor in fashion, sunglasses are preferred by many people. And usually, you will find various sunglasses almost on everyone’s face. But still some people still know little about sunglasses, and maybe they just regard sunglasses as the common glasses with various colors.

The name of sunglasses refers to their close relationship with sun, and effective function to block strong sunshine, UV and other harmful irritation to eyes. These irritations to eyes would lead to severe eye problems, such as winkles, dark pouches, even cataract, etc.

Since too much light bring discomfort to many people. And usually when taking outdoor activities, the eyes have to receive more light rays than inside. This would give rise to migraine, headaches, and other eye diseases. A pair of suitable off white sunglasses functions as a protective screen for eyes, and brings clear vision under glares.

So the hot summer would witness sunglasses almost everywhere. But for those suffering myopia and wearing eyeglasses, the common sunglasses do not bring convenience but embracement and worries. Fortunately, the popularity of prescription sunglasses give those near-sighted a great help, as they could enjoy fashion, as well as correct visual acuity.

Recently in the market, four kinds of prescription sunglasses dominate:

Ordinary reading glasses with colors

The glasses in this category refer to ordinary prescription glasses with sunglasses colors, which help to resist strong light. And the colors are of different kinds, and it is proper to choose tawny, gray and light green. Besides, the glasses should be only worn outdoors as the inadequate transmittance would enhance eye fatigue indoors.

Clip on sunglasses

Clip on sunglasses as their name suggest, are sunglasses lenses attach on ordinary glasses. The glasses in this kind are quite convenient, as the clip lenses are separate. If you scratch the tinted clip-on sunglasses, lose them or leave them at home, you can still see to do all the things you need to do.

Integrative sunglasses

Integrative sunglasses are glasses that combine lenses and prescription glasses together, and could be exchanged up and downs. These glasses are fashionable, and suitable for various activities.

Polarized sunglasses

Polarized sunglasses are preferred by many fashionable people, as they can be used no matter the light condition. The special materials in polarized sunglasses make the glasses applicable indoors or outdoors.