What Do You Know About Bears?

What Do You Know About Bears?

April 3, 2023 0 By admin

First of all, a bear is, often, a large flesh-eating animal, but may also lean toward a vegetarian diet, when prey is scarce.

It may be found both in warm and cold climates.

It has a solid body, covered with shaggy fur, is supported by thick legs and has a short tail. The complete sole of the foot lies flat upon the ground and the claws are perfect for both digging and climbing. Found in Asia and America; those from the cooler climes seem to be more savage and less happy eating just vegetable foods than bears living in warmer areas.

Brown bears are plentifully found throughout Europe and Asia; they eat fruit and vegetables, as well as animal food. They climb and swim with ease. which bear is the most dangerous At the beginning of winter, they search for a cave, or hollow and sleep until spring. The babies are mostly born at some time during the winter.

The American black bear is thought by many to be a variety of the brown bear. It is very fond of honey and is much less dangerous than the grizzly. Closely related to it is the Syrian bear and the Indian white bear of the Himalayas. The former is often mentioned in the Bible. Remember, black bears are strong climbers.

The North American grizzly is a very strong and fierce animal, chiefly found in the Rocky Mountains. The fur is dark brown, but somewhat grey around the head. The claws are long and curved. It is the most savage of bears and is said to be strong enough to drag along a buffalo carcass.

Many grizzly attacks on people, are purely defensive in nature, and by playing possum, you may show the bear that you are not a threat and escape a severe mauling, or death. Brown and grizzly bears are actually classified as the same species, ‘Ursus arctos ‘.

Other bears are:

The Malayan sun bear is the smallest bear family member.

The Sloth Bear is found throughout India from the Himalayan foothills to the Southern part of India.

The spectacled bear of the Andes mountains is a small animal about three and a half feet long, with black fur and curious light coloured rings around the eyes.

The white polar bears of the Arctic region are the largest of all bears, often measuring 9 ft in length and are very strong. They swim very rapidly and live largely on fish. They are more apt to attack man than any other variety. Polar Bears are classified under the Latin mane of, Ursus maritimus, It is the largest meat-eating hunter.

The males do not sleep in the winter, but the females stay in sheltered places throughout the winter and their young are often born through this period. For this reason, bears weigh least in the spring or early summer.