Use A Real Estate Broker, Or Do It Yourself

May 8, 2023 0 By admin

When buying or selling real estate, many people are tempted to avoid using real estate brokers. Georgia homeowners reason that they can save themselves tens of thousands in commission by doing all the work themselves. Sometimes this decision is driven by a problem with a previous broker either experienced directly or heard of through a friend. After all, how hard can it be to buy or sell a house–right?

Qualified brokers earn their commissions

Brokers provide a variety of services using tools and knowledge that an unlicensed or inexperienced individual won’t have access to. Brokers have easy access to all data on recent real estate sales that helps them determine a reasonable price on a home. They can provide marketing expertise and venues that can increase the number of buyers looking for a home and increase the chance that the seller will get the desired price. Additionally, brokers have an understanding of the paperwork involved that can reduce hours of head scratching to a few minutes of signing.

When working with Real Estate Broker Mississauga, Georgia homeowners also get an expert in the art of negotiation. Georgia has areas where the real estate market is quite competitive, and a good negotiator can make a huge difference in the final price of a home.

They key word is “qualified”

A real estate license reflects a knowledge of the laws of buying and selling homes, but does not indicate a broker’s level of negotiating skill, personal commitment to their customers, or knowledge of the community. Some people see real estate as a get-rich-quick scheme thinking they can work part time and make lots of money. Nothing is further from the truth. Successful real estate brokers work full time and more. It isn’t a hobby, it’s a career.

This flood of brokers into the market creates competition. Some brokers compete by lowering their commissions, hoping to attract clients with their bargain rates. Bargain rates often bring bargain service and unhappy customers. Other brokers compete by adding value to their services, working harder, and getting new clients by earning the trust of their old ones.

Sadly, the real estate hobbyists and the bargain agents tarnish the image of all real estate brokers. Georgia has many well qualified full-time brokers who can provide service that makes them well worth the cost of their commission. Don’t judge the entire industry by one experience. After all, you wouldn’t swear off eating in expensive restaurants because you had a bad fast food meal.

Do your research

Don’t just use the broker your friend used. Buying and selling your home will probably be the largest financial transactions you make in your life so take some time to research a variety of real estate brokers. Georgia has plenty of trustworthy and experienced brokers just waiting to provide the kind of service you deserve and make your real estate transaction as painless as possible.