Upgrading Your System Can Provide Leadership Insights

Upgrading Your System Can Provide Leadership Insights

July 28, 2023 0 By admin

A couple of months ago, I started having problems opening Word documents, EXCEL spreadsheets, etc., sent to me by my clients. I tried re-booting and then I sent a reply email to my clients asking them to re-send the attachments or copy and paste the content of the attachment into the body of a reply email.

I defragged my hard drive; I checked the status of my security package and I searched the Microsoft Online Support Center and read several FAQs that didn’t seem to address my problems. I even took my laptop to a national retail technology store for service. The service technician, ran a program to identify viruses, conferred with a confederate (higher functioning tech), performed some other incomprehensible keyboard tasks and after another 45 minutes, he advised me to re-load the Microsoft Office software. (Of course the software was so old that I could not find the original system disk!)

Next, I investigated purchasing a new laptop. After several days of angst (cursing technology and all the technology gods in general) and trying solutions that did not solve the problem, I finally asked my husband (he has an IT security and IT audit background) his opinion of what might be happening.

He asked: “What version of Microsoft Office are you using?”

Immediately, a blank (WHAT IS HE TALKING ABOUT? and WHY DOES HE ASK ME TECHNICAL QUESTIONS?) look came over my face. Recognizing the look on my face and acknowledging that discretion is the better part of valor – he said, “Never mind, I will check it out.” He is a very wise and lovely man https://www.techinsightscorner.com/.

Well, as you might expect, my version was over 6 years old. “No wonder you’re having problems” he said. I thought this was a bit mean spirited – but hey, he was going to help me, so I cut him some slack.

I am now the proud owner of Microsoft Office 2010. My husband helped me by identifying my problem, purchasing the newest version of Microsoft Office and installing the software. He even provided a tutorial to help me navigate the unfamiliar landscape. Then he ruined the effort by telling me the acronym that IT support techs use when describing user stupidity issues: PICNIC.

PICNIC means: Problem In Chair, Not In Computer.

Here are some insights on leadership that were ‘downloaded’ to me from the technology gods as I reflected back on how I handled this problem….

When problems arise, the root of the problem may not be that the leader is doing something wrong; it may mean that the leader’s approach and system infrastructure are not in sync with the needs of the new environment.
Leaders sometimes try to solve problems on their own so as not to burden others who are also overworked. They may first use outdated methods and tools to try to solve the problem.
Most often, the leader does not possess the specialized knowledge and does not have the right tools to solve the problem.
Leaders sometimes walk down lots of wrong paths to solve problems and they sometimes spend money on solutions that don’t work.
Leaders like problem solvers who not only analyze the problem and identify the solution, but they also go several value-add steps further – they implement the solution and they train the end user.
Leaders hate to be proved wrong; but they can be very gracious when accepting help.
Finally, leaders ‘Like’ (to use Facebook terminology), problem solvers who refrain from commenting on the idiotic solutions the leader has tried.