Tuition Reimbursement – Get Accepted and Save Mounds of Cash

May 19, 2023 0 By admin

Tuition reimbursement plans can save you mounds of cash by providing money for college. Have you looked at your policy? Read this, the third part of my tuition reimbursement article, to see the basics of qualification.

Qualifying For The Program

I’ve saved one touchy subject for last. Do you qualify for the reimbursement program? I have seen only a few qualifications, and only one truly causes problems.

The first you should expect, time on the job. Most programs require you to have your job at least some period of time, like 6 months, a year, or maybe two years, though one year seems to be the standard.

The second causes more problems, but keep reading, I have some work-arounds for you. Companies usually call this required skills or an applicable course of study. It means you have to take classes or major in something that the company can use – but hold on, let me break something down before you give up on studying ancient primary chinese tuition calligraphy.

I have found some companies that offer a general tuition benefit, meaning they don’t care what you study, just do it. If you work for one of those companies, throw a party and get on with your schooling. But if not, keep reading…

First, your company should have many degrees or courses of study that will qualify. I have a bachelor’s degree in engineering, and my company approved me for a business management masters degree. Actually, I was approved for this degree by three companies before I could finally go to school. This is common.

Naturally, businesses want to sponsor you to take business related courses in hopes that you will improve the company. See what the company needs or typically approves without question. If you see yourself there, then fine.

Even the most basic business will approve just about anything in business, a related engineering field, computer skills and information technology fields. Many also have approvals in place for graphic design, publishing, communications, related artistic majors, and associated advanced degrees. Large organizations may also have counseling and psychology degree program approvals.

One small question here. Does the company require you to work in the area you choose? If so, you may need to switch jobs inside the company to get approval for your plan. But see below, you may have some time before that kicks in, while you do your general ed.

Finishing any degree will open doors, believe me. Having a degree is better than not having one. If you just want a good education, and you aren’t set on one subject, then go with an approved one and get the help you need with money for college.

If not, look at this. Your school will have basic requirements for any degree, called general education. You can start out taking general education with reimbursement. If you decide to study archeology but you work for a computer company, you may not get approved, right? So you finish your general education, maybe even take some classes for a minor in an approved subject. Then, you arrange for another way to pay for the specific classes you can’t get approved through work. And presto, you are digging for relics in Peru!

One more idea. I worked at a company that made computer accessories, electronic boxes. One of my friends there went back to school in her forties and did get some tuition from the company to study forestry. She had been with the company for a while, and her supervisors wanted to help her. She kept working while in school, and she was needed in our department, no one wanted to see her go. If you run into a roadblock, try asking for a variance in the policy.