Spray Foam Wall Insulation: Cutting Your Monthly Energy Bills Has Never Been Easier

Spray Foam Wall Insulation: Cutting Your Monthly Energy Bills Has Never Been Easier

July 15, 2023 0 By admin

Spray foam wall insulation is a popular insulation method for houses under construction as well as finished walls. It is relatively easy to use as it can be simply sprayed into the wall cavities and there is no need of nailing, gluing or stapling. As an alternative, you may also consider trying ready to use spray foam sheets or boards which can be inserted into the wall cavity. Spray foam wall insulation is so simple that you can do it all by yourself without requiring professional help of any sort.

Energy Saving Advantages

Spray foam wall insulation is clearly more advantageous when compared to other insulation techniques. It is easily sprayed with the help of a pneumatic pump and is especially suitable for smaller areas. Another great advantage of spray type wall insulation is that it can be used to insulate finished walls without actually tearing them apart, drilling holes is usually enough. Since the foam is quite voluminous and dense, it provides structural stability to the house and acts as a good acoustical insulation as well. Foam insulation spray is also available as do-it-yourself kits and insulated sheets.

Spray Foam for Superior Insulation

The kind of insulation Rendering Companies Manchester quality provided by spray foam wall insulation is unmatched by others. The R-value is very high and even for a layer of low thickness you can expect twice as much the insulation as provided by other types of insulators of the same thickness, which means that even though it might not be the cheapest deal around, it has a much shorter payback time than the rest. This translates to less energy consumption and therefore high savings on electricity bills. It also prevents mold growth and does not let moisture to build up as it is completely impermeable.

Safety and Tips

It is important that you cover yourself adequately and wear a gas mask to avoid inhaling noxious fumes. Follow all safety precautions prescribed for the foam as well as those for drilling equipment. The walls should be carefully analyzed for the right spots to drill holes in. the holes can later be filled up with suitable materials. Spray foam wall insulation should first be tested on a small patch before starting off.