something you know about water solube plastic

something you know about water solube plastic

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Environmentally Friendly Water Soluble Plastic, is a soluble resin and all the substances are 100% biodegradable. Water-soluble film is a “green” environmental product that is used across many industries, and can be constructed to meet your exact application and requirements.

Of more recently times, developed countries are converting to usingwater soluble film supplierss as packaging for chemicals and cleaning agents so as to avoid injury to the operators and to minimize pollution.

By using water soluble films the mixing operations have become simple and the additive measures more controlled and exact.

You can measure exactly the required amount thus avoiding wastage, and also remove any costly opportunity for incorrect dosages occurring.

Agriculture and Cleaning chemicals can be in high concentration and can also be hyper-toxic.

They are a major health hazard.

Because of this, Chemistry and Agriculture Chemical governing bodies are now paying more attention to the packaging of these chemicals, and how they can be dispensed safely and disposed of in an environmentally acceptable manner.

Historically, the packaging of chemicals has had a number of disadvantages.

The main and key issue being the waste chemical residue that is left behind in the packaging, and most importantly…. how this packaging is disposed of.

It is estimated that there are approximately 300 million waste chemical bags

disposed of each year, and many tonnes of left over chemicals are ending up in our landfill areas and entering our water ways.

Developed countries like Japan, America, UK, Europe, and Australia have adapted the new technique of using water-soluble packaging for these chemicals.

The key principle in using this new type of environment protection water-soluble packaging material is to separate bulk packaging into smaller ones.

These are currently being produced and sold in Japan, USA and Europe

predominantly, and is being used by corporations such as, Bayet, Heakel, Shell and Ag.Eva etc.

Advantages of Water-soluble packaging bag for chemicals:

  • The water solubility and the soluble speed can be designed precisely, and is a non-toxic, nonpollutant, and dissolves quickly in cool water.
  • Greatly reduces exposure to contaminant materials such as pesticide and poisons.
  • Efficiently solves the problem of weight, freight, leaking and recycling.
  • Has an excellent characteristic against oil, fat, and organic solvents.
  • t is Anti-static and it doesn’t adsorb farina and dust when packing powder products.
  • Measures exactly. Avoids incorrect dosages.

Water Soluble Films are also widely used in many industries.

  • General chemical products
  • Packaging of civil merchandise
  • Dyestuffs
  • Detergents
  • Water-sewer additives
  • Mineral additives
  • Chemicals for photography
  • Gardening products