Some Important Facts About Thread Sealants and Their Applications

Some Important Facts About Thread Sealants and Their Applications

July 28, 2023 0 By admin

Thread sealants are sealing agents available in both stick and liquid form; they are used for preventing leakage of liquids and gases from metal pipes and joints. All joints repaired with these sealants are regarded as dynamic joints because of changing temperatures, changing pressures and constant vibration it experiences.

The job of thread sealing requires curing of the anaerobic compound applied on the targeted joints. This happens when the compound gets confined between two metal fitting surfaces in absence of air.

Sealant Manufacturers design these sealing agents both for high and low pressure applications. They are capable of filling the gap between the threaded parts and thereby can provide a low pressure seal almost instantly. Once the compound is fully cured, the strength of the seal becomes comparable to burst strengths of pipe systems.

Now, we will be discussing about one of the most common applications of thread sealants. We will be informing you about use of these products as hydraulic and pneumatic sealants. These sealing compounds are capable of sealing and securing both new and used metal pipes and pipe fittings; they do so by filling the gap between threads.

As these products don’t contain any filler or particle, using them is absolutely safe. They will never contaminate clog fine screens or filters, foul valves and system fluids. The most fascinating thing about these products, however, is that they are strong enough for locking fittings and prevent them from becoming loose due to vibration. The controlled strength of these hydraulic and pneumatic sealants, on the other hand, ensures effortless disassembly.

If you purchase thread sealants from a reliable store, you can expect them to offer immediate low-pressure sealing. In addition, these products cure very quickly; people who have used these sealing agents say that they cure four times faster than the regular anaerobic sealants available on the market.

Let us now discuss about different kind of thread sealants available on the market. The first kind is a purple colored product; its viscosity ranges between 150 and 300 cps. This product is primarily used for adjusting set screws of small diameter.

The next one is also a purple colored sealant, but its viscosity is much higher. Its viscosity ranges between 1,200 and 5,000 cps. This product is used for adjusting small screws that have diameter below 0.25 inch.

The next type is a blue colored sealing agent with viscosity ranging between 1,200 and 600 cps. This agent is used for adjusting bolts that have diameters between 0.25 inch and 0.75 inch.

There are several other types of thread sealants available on the market. You will get to know about them if you visit a top store selling these sealing agents.