So You Want to Sell Composite Doors?

So You Want to Sell Composite Doors?

April 18, 2023 0 By admin

For many years those selling home improvement products such as replacement doors and windows have turned to the UPVC choice rather than wooden doors and window frames. Now there is a new kid on the block: composite doors. There are many reasons why composite doors are becoming an increasingly popular choice for home improvement retailers or resellers.

Firstly, there is an expanding market of homeowners wanting something different than the standard white upvc door that has become commonplace over the last two decades (composite doors are available in a range of colours and styles).

Secondly, the marketplace has changed and security is now a more important factor (Composite doors are vastly more secure than a standard UPVC door and are ‘police preferred’ certified).

Third, Energy Efficiency has become important (where UPVC doors are normally are filled with polystyrene, composite doors are filled with materials with as much as six times the insulating properties of polystyrene and several times the strength).

For these reasons and more, the demand for composite doors south wales, with skins made from glass reinforced polymers and even steel reinforced frames, has grown at an astounding rate, as has the number of composite door manufacturers. One front door supplier in Devon told me that they researched dozens of door manufacturers before choosing two suppliers. The reason for choosing two door manufacturers rather than just one was to be able to offer customers every possible choice of door style.

The first UK composite door manufacturer, Door-Stop international, was chosen because of their obvious lead in providing state of the art point of sale and other marketing materials, including the provision of a brand-able website for under one hundred pounds and an online design interface for customers .

The second, Birtley Building Products was chosen for the level of support provided in helping to set up a new showroom for the company when changing from UPVC doors to Composite doors as the main product range. Birtley Building Products provided not only sample doors and furnishings but assisted with a leaflet campaign and the creation of flyers and web-based marketing for the Devon based door retailer.

These two companies are keen to lead the way in providing quality door manufacture to Britain’s home-improvement retailers and there are many home improvement retailers that will testify why they – and not recognised big-brand names – are tipped to become market leaders in the manufacture and supply of composite and steel doors.