Selling Your Home – Increasing Chances of a Sale

May 12, 2023 0 By admin

The old saying that first impressions count is particularly relevant to people buying a new home where initial impressions can be very important. For homeowners there are a number of simple things they can do to attract potential buyers and increase the chances of selling of their home. Most of these can be done at little or no expense.

On many occasions potential buyers will drive or walk past the Realtor Oro Valley property before deciding to arrange a viewing. Therefore homeowners should ensure that the outside of their home looks in the best possible condition. If the property has a garden then something as simple as cutting the lawn and adding a few plants and flowers can make a difference. To further improve the outside appearance of the home, window frames could be repainted or varnished, broken roof tiles replaced and gutters cleared.

If a potential buyer does decide to view the property homeowners have a major opportunity to encourage a sale by presenting their home in the best possible light. Even basic maintenance and decoration can be enough to tempt the buyer.

Before the viewing the homeowner should check each room and look for ways to improve them. Some common examples include –


Repair any damaged paintwork with a new coating and fix or replace peeling wallpaper. When selling property it is beneficial to try to appeal to as wide an audience as possible. With this in mind when decorating homeowners should stick to neutral colours.

Clean and Remove Clutter

An untidy and cluttered room can appear smaller therefore homeowners should make their property seem more spacious by tidying up and storing away clutter such as ornaments and knick-knacks. The two most important rooms in a house tend to be the kitchen and the bathroom and so extra attention should be made to keeping these rooms clean.

DIY and Maintenance

Make the home appear well looked after and in good condition by performing basic household maintenance. For example broken light bulbs should be replaced and leaking taps fixed.


An easy way to improve the look of a property is to have the right lighting. For daytime viewings curtains should be opened to let natural sunlight in which again will have the effect of making the room appear to be more spacious.