Restaurants Catching On to the Importance of Offering Online Ordering

Restaurants Catching On to the Importance of Offering Online Ordering

May 19, 2023 0 By admin

According to a recent study conducted at Sherman Oaks University, the rate of growth in the online food ordering community has skyrocketed in the past four years. In 2008, online ordering had begun to make its appearance and gain a following amongst restaurants and their customers. With the advances that have occurred in technology over the past four years, increasingly more people are now able to access the internet from virtually anywhere.

Janice Connolly, a marketing professor, and conductor of the study done at Sherman Oaks University, said, “With the increasing number of smartphones in the average Americans’ hands, it’s not surprising that we are seeing this kind of growth.” Based upon the statistics that Professor Connolly and her colleagues found, they were able to determine that while the number of restaurants may not have increased since 2008, the number of restaurants now offering takeout and delivery has. What is causing this dramatic change in numbers? Is it just that more people have access to internet more often, increase in smartphone usage, or is there some other reason?

Technology is advancing at such a rapid pace and it seems that restaurants are working hard to keep up with the advances. With the ever-increasing popularity of iPhone and Android apps, it is a fact that restaurants are jumping on board. Many have created qr code ordering apps that allow customers to easily and quickly place their takeout or delivery orders from their mobile device. This allows for a virtually seamless transaction process for both the restaurants and the customers.

There is even a way for restaurants to tap into their social media audience and allow their fans to order directly through their Facebook page. This is a huge tool for restaurants as it is a free marketing channel and also one they can monetize. Before they could only engage with their fans, now they can actually accept orders and payments directly through Facebook.

When conducting their study, the professors at Sherman Oaks University asked users if whether or not a restaurant offered online food ordering was a deciding factor in their decision to order from that establishment. Seven out of ten people surveyed claimed that it was. Online ordering made a world of difference in getting their food on time and having the order be correct. When presented with the option of having a mobile app to order from their favorite restaurant, the numbers increased dramatically. Nine out of ten people find mobile ordering apps for their favorite restaurants to be a huge time saver. Many allow for the customer to save their favorite items and information, which makes ordering on the go that much easier.