Luxury Real Estate Marketing – Syndicate You

June 15, 2023 0 By admin

In Part 1 of this blog series we covered the wonderful opportunity to not only syndicate your listings as a means of generating leads for your luxury homes for sale Puerto Vallarta Mexico  real estate marketing practice, but also syndicating YOU by leveraging the power of the new media tools.

By creating a name for yourself on the internet, a one-woman or a one-man brand, focusing on publishing content that you are passionate about, you can significantly expand your sphere of influence. What is truly exciting about this opportunity is the relatively low cost of entry into the field and the potential for tremendous return on your investment.

Recently, a movie that was produced for $15,000 generated $7.1 within the first two weeks of its release. The film’s buzz on Twitter and Facebook propelled it to #5 at the box office. Word-of-mouth advertising via social media also helped to make the movie, Julie & Julia (Julia Child) a hit. Barnes & Noble reported that they temporarily ran out of Julia Child’s, Mastering the Art of French Cooking because of the renewed interest that the movie triggered. And, the book is once again a best seller.

An important key to becoming a one-woman or one-man brand, through new media syndication (blogging, video, podcasting, article distribution, etc) is finding an uncontested niche. If you carve out a newsworthy market space and generate compelling stories, others will help you spread the word because they are excited to “join” your brand.

Here is an example of a potential uncontested niche that you could cover as a syndicated columnist and also, contribute extraordinary value if you are passionate about the subject: Local sports. This does not include major league baseball, basketball, football, soccer, etc. It does include the little league, the high school sports scene, beach volleyball, the ultimate Frisbee league and more.

The entire purpose of this exercise is to engage more and more local community members to interact with you and each other, and also become well known and well thought of in the process. You will be surprised at how much real estate business can flow from syndicating YOU, without ever mentioning a thing about real estate. Just feature your real estate credentials along with some calls to action (to contact you for specific real estate needs, e.g., a CMA).