Lifestyle – Bars and Pubs Giving a Classy Touch

May 6, 2023 0 By admin

Delhi is ready to welcome the different tourists and athletes from different parts of the world during the Commonwealth Games. Different events in Delhi are to be organized during these days. Some of these include dance/drama, music, food, health, and night life. A number of dance events are organized in Delhi that includes Salsa parties, eastern dance, and regional dance programs.

For the lovers of different types of food, Delhi is going to be a perfect spot. In this scenario, Delhi Restaurants, Hotels plays a very significant role. Restaurants like We2, Haldiram’s, Bikanerwala, Pind Balluchi and 5 star hotels like The Connaught, C Inn, Taj and Meridian provide some great food options. These food joints cater to different budgets and categories of people. Delhities love to eat but discussion about food is not complete without the drinks and booze.

Delhi’s nightlife is superb with numerous Rooftop bar Singapore, restaurants, lounges, discotheques, gigs, and rock shows at many venues. Delhi gives variety of options for people who wish to indulge sometime or probably every now and then. Some popular pubs and bars include The Shwing Bar at The Connaught, We2 Pub at Greater Kailash Part 1, Senso and Hash resto bar, Geoffrey’s, The Float, and Athena. Most of these are open all through the night and provide a cool and relaxed atmosphere.

Now comes to the point of entertainment options in Delhi, besides these Delhi bars and Pubs, there are amazing multiplexes, auditoriums, film clubs, cultural places, colleges. Movies at Multiplexes cover the variety from Hollywood & Bollywood Movies. Music and rock shows in Delhi with popular bands and orchestra groups create a dashing environment. Also, in five star hotels Delhi, there are number of discotheques that are great entertainers for party animals.