Learn to Play Violin – 5 Tips You Need to Know Before Learning Violin

Learn to Play Violin – 5 Tips You Need to Know Before Learning Violin

April 11, 2023 0 By admin

If you want to learn to play violin, there are two basics that you need to learn. They are physical and mental. The physical is about your learning ability, memory, and taking care of your instrument. The mental is about your learning plan, and motivation. In this article, I have gathered some steps that you need to take in order to learn your violin lessons.

– Violin. Of course, if you want to learn to play violin, you need to have a violin of your own. I’ve seen many people wanted to learn violin, but they don’t want to buy one. So, they borrowed, or rented. You need to keep in mind that if you don’t put full effort, you won’t get full results. Yes, you can learn to play violin with a borrowed or rented one. However, you will not learn quickly and it is hard to become great at it.

– Practice. The next thing you need to do when learning to play rent violin is to practice as much as possible. You may write your own schedule and set the amount of hours to practice in a week. Writing a schedule is not enough, but you need to strictly go for your schedule also.

– Place. Now you have your schedule to practice your violin learning. Next, you need to find a place to practice your lessons. You may choose one corner in your home for violin practicing. By doing this, you will concentrate every time you are there.

– Feeling. Don’t get stress when playing violin. Just relax and make yourself comfortable. Tense fingers cannot smoothly move as you intend. When playing violin, try not to think of something else, just focus on your practicing. If possible, try to do something that make you feel better before your practicing.

– Taking care of your instrument. Last thing you need to do is to take a good care of your violin. No matter how good you can play your violin, but if your instrument is not well taken care of, you will end up having terrible sound in front of your audiences. To take care of your violin, just to clean your violin from the dust, or keep your bow rosined, and more important, do not over adjust or tightening the strings.

If you really want to be a violin master, it shouldn’t be hard to follow what previously stated. Many of you may have a feeling that violin is an expensive instrument. However, I’ve seen many people found a low price violin with good quality. So, good luck for your violin lessons.