Laundry Suggestions For The Single Man

May 9, 2023 0 By admin

When I found myself alone after a number of years, I had to learn a whole new set of skills. I had always looked after the household maintenance chores…painting, repairing, wiring, lawn maintenance etc., but had no idea about the other chores like cooking, cleaning and laundering. I hope that this article will help with one of these, namely, laundering.

All of my life I would take clothes out of my bureau, or my closet. I would put them on and wear them, and they often got sweaty and dirty. When this happened, I would toss them in a hamper in the hall. Once a week, they would magically re-appear in my closet and bureau…clean and pressed. All set for me to get them dirty all over again.

Somehow I didn’t associate these re-appearing clean clothes with my mother, and later, my wife.

So when I found myself alone, the bureau and closet empty, and the hamper in the hall overflowing (and that area of the hall starting to get a distinct odor), I decided that I had to take the bull by the horns and do some Laundry Mat Near Me.

I discovered that there is a plethora of information from a million sources in internet-land that try to help you. Everybody and his mother have ideas. Talk about information overload.

So I decided to do it my way, and, after some simple refinements, discovered that this is the way to do laundry the quickest and easiest.

First of all…get out all the shirts and pants that need to be pressed or dry-cleaned and give them away to the needy. True Men Don’t Do Ironing and it’s a pain having to go to the dry-cleaners. Instead, buy a new wardrobe of shirts and slacks that are perma-press. So when they come out of the dryer, they are ready to wear…wrinkle-free and looking good. Casual is IN. You can pay for them from the money you saved by not using the dry-cleaner.

You are going to want to wash the clothes that you are wearing along with the other soiled clothes in the hamper. When you strip down, you might as well take a shower (you’re naked anyway), and when you get out of the shower you’re going to want to step onto a clean floor mat, so you are going to want to wash the bathroom floor-mat, and the toilet mat first. If you have a mat by the sauna or hot-tub, you might as well do them at the same time. Turn the heat up because you are going to be naked for awhile. I’ll explain later.

I know that you don’t need instructions on how to use the washer or dryer, because you’re a man and men are good with mechanical things. Just a word of caution…don’t put in extra soap thinking that it will do a better job. It doesn’t. Not only are you wasting money, but you might have a mess to clean before you take your shower. And you don’t need to add softener, unless you plan to lie on the mat on the bathroom floor. More money saved.

When the mats finish washing, put them in the dryer. Most mats have a rubber back that might melt if it gets too hot, so set the dryer on perma-press and let it get ‘just dry’. When they are done, bring them, along with a couple of empty baskets, back to the bathroom and/or sauna/hot-tub area.

Put the mats back on the bathroom floor, pick up any towels and washcloths in there and toss them in the hamper. Strip off your clothes and put them in there also.

Sorting the clothes is easy.