Laser Machine Repairs – Should You DIY Or Get Help?

Laser Machine Repairs – Should You DIY Or Get Help?

June 27, 2023 0 By admin

As laser technology improves and consumer acceptance of the procedures grows, we are seeing more and more laser machine clinics pop up across the country. However, unlike a car, there is little that even a mechanically minded person can do to diagnose and treat a sick laser! Today we are looking at how you should handle laser machine repairs, with a focus on Palomar and Candela machines.

Don’t Touch That Laser

Trying to do your own laser repairs can not only increase the total cost (in case you move something out of alignment, etc), but can be dangerous. Laser machines are built to create very intense pulsed light. You take great care in operating your laser safely – the safest repair procedure is to leave it to the experts.

Service Contracts

Service contracts are actually a good way to reduce the cost of owning a laser machine over its lifetime. Rather like car servicing, there are a hundred small tasks that need to be carried out periodically to ensure that problems with one part don’t grow, and start affecting neighbouring parts.

A service contract is typically much better value than simply calling out a technician as you need them, as well as simpler and easier business-wise.

Typical Parts Costs

There are some parts that clinicians can quite safely and easily replace on their own… and indeed, that you’ll need to replace as you see clients come and go! When it comes to Candela and Palomar Laser Cutter Brand , these replaceable parts include:


  • Windows, including fused silica windows
  • Cryogen gas – this is for Candela machines, to help operate the dynamic cooling device
  • Distance gauges
  • Distance gauge shadow rings


Windows typically cost around $8 each, although there may be discounts for bulk buys. Cryogen gas usually costs $600 for 12 canisters, and distance gauges can be purchased aftermarket at $60 for a 5 pack.

Why Secondhand Machines Are the Best Investment

Think about the cost of any second hand machine compared to a new one. Most of the price associated with buying something ‘new’ comes in either the warranty, or the prestige and comfort of owning something that nobody has owned before. New laser machines depreciate by around 40% in a single year! If you purchase secondhand, the savings may allow you to pay for your machine outright – which eliminates the need for applying for business loans and paying interest.

Just like in the auto industry, while secondhand laser machines can cost around half the price of a new machine, they are generally 95% the same quality as a new machine. Most secondhand laser machines sales centres offer the same warranty as on a new machine, and subject the machines to rigorous testing and documentation prior to approval for sale.