How To Get Rid Of Furniture

April 29, 2023 0 By admin

If you’re interested in getting rid of your old furniture, then you’re probably asking your self, “what should I do with it?” If that’s the case then before you throw your old couch and chairs into the back of a pick up truck to have it hulled off to the dump you may want to look into some easier, more profitable, environmentally safe ways to rid you house of your old furniture.

1.) Donating your furniture to a local charity. This is my favorite way to get rid of anything that I don’t use or I just don’t want. Donating your old furniture donation to the Good Will for example is a convenient way to get rid of furniture or just about anything that is still in usable condition. Donating to a charity comes with a nice little list of benefits as well. Such benefits include accessibility, and profit. There are multiple Good Will’s in any major city in the U.S. which makes it much easier to drive to rather than driving to the one single dump that most cities have in the out skirts of town. The benefit that anyone will love is a little something called a tax write off. Say you donated a couch to your charity and received a $300 tax write off. This means that when you are doing your taxes you can keep $300 that you would have had to pay to the government. This may not be as profitable as selling your used furniture, but it is certainly less work and you can pat your self on the back for helping the needy. (Important: Make sure your donation is in usable condition.)

2.) Giving you furniture to your friends, family, or a local business. This is very convenient and easy because usually when someone is receiving something for free, they feel inclined to come pick it up. Furniture tends to be big, heavy and bulky it would be great to not even have to lift a finger in the process of getting it out of your house. Your friends or family will be delighted to pick it up. Why? Because they are getting it for free. This is always a great option if you have a kid or know someone who is just graduating college and doesn’t have a whole lot of money to furnish their new place of residence.

3.) Sell your furniture online. E-Selling is by far the most profitable way of getting rid of your furniture, but it is also the most risky and sometimes very time consuming. First, be sure to sell locally; you don’t want to have to box up your massive sectional and ship it across the country. eBay or Craigslist are great for selling your used furniture. eBay is very popular, very secure, and the buyer has to pay electronically, upfront before you hand it over to them. Take note that eBay charges insertion fees which can be a turn off for some people. Craigslist on the other hand it is free, extremely easy to use and has many local buyers and sellers; unfortunately Craigslist can be risky, and sometimes dangerous. An important fact to think through before using Craigslist is you can’t count anything as sold until you have to money in hand. For example, you could agree on a price with a buyer and a date for that person to pay and pick it up, but the buyer may not ever show. If you use eBay the buyer has to pay for it online which makes eBay much less risky. Both Craigslist and eBay have their own list of pro’s and con’s so it really matters what you think is the most desirable way for you to sell online.

4.) Sell in person. Putting your used furniture outside your doorstep with a price tag, or a “free” sign is a good way to attract buyers who pass by your place of residence. Even though it is still yours, in front of your home, at least it is not in your home taking up space. Before you slap that “free” sign on it keep in mind that when you do that in can actually repel potential buyers due to the impression they get when they see something that is for free. Buyers may see your furniture as trash if it’s for free. In order to keep this from happening, simply slap a small price tag on it and maybe someone will buy it. Because the price tag adds value to it, someone may even steal it, but hey, you were going to give it away for free anyway. You might even call it “free delivery.”