How to Create Dry Shade in a Shady Garden Like the Experts

How to Create Dry Shade in a Shady Garden Like the Experts

February 23, 2023 0 By admin
The north side of a house or as known as south in the southern hemisphere, is often considered a problem area because of its lack of direct sunlight. Again, it is quite possible to create an effective border there simply by choosing plants that like the shade netting.

Most woodland plants, for example, will grow there.

So, why do we need dry shade for shady gardens? An area that is both dry and shady is one of the worst problems to cope with because most shade loving plants are woodland plants, which thrive in a moist, fiber rich soil. Soils can be improved by adding plenty of well rotted organic material to them because leaf mould is a natural material to use.

How do we create shade? Sometimes it can be a problem if you have no shade in the garden when you want to grow plants such as hellebores, which do not like too much sun. Try building a wooden or metal framework over which you stretch shade netting, creating nice dappled shade.

These structures may not look elegant but they are ideal for their intended purpose. They are also useful for temporarily housing shade loving plants while bushes or trees become large enough to provide natural shade.

So, how do we reduce shade in a shady garden? You can increase the amount of light reaching the plants under the trees by removing some of the branches, especially the lower ones. Alternatively, you can thin the branches so that more dapples light reach the ground.

If the trees are listed, then you may have to seek permission before removing any limbs. In basement and other dark patios, the amount of light can be increased by painting walls white to reflect what light there is.