How Granite Countertops Compare With Marble Countertops

May 9, 2023 0 By admin

Granite is different from marble in a many ways and it’s this comparison that makes granite the preferred choice for most homeowners. The best way to compare the two most common materials for making countertops is to analyze in details their pros and cons. Both of these material are natural rocks and one of their top quality is they last for a very long time and they will not depreciate in quality. Having either one of these materials for your countertop you instantly add value to your home.

Like granite, marble is a hard rock that’s comes in different colors. Marble gives the feeling of elegance and richness especially when placed on the floor or on the Granite Countertops Sarasota and it can last for a lifetime. There are no two marble or granite slabs which are identical which means you will get a sense of uniqueness and originality when you install a marble or granite countertop.

The main difference when you compared marble and granite when it comes to stain resistant and you will find that marble is a softer stone that it is more susceptible to stains and scratches than granite. If you happen to splash a beverage of any type on a marble countertop then you should wipe it immediately to prevent etching and staining.

The liquids that pose a bigger threat to marble countertops are, oils, citric acid and alcohols. Even water with minerals in it can leave a small stain if the minerals are in a high enough concentration. Marble is also susceptible to scratching if you use a knife or other hard objects on marble it will soon take a toll on the countertop. Marble require a lot of maintenance practices apart from the regular sealing exercise you have to do a deep cleaning and sealing.

Granite on the other hand is the most resilient material that is used to make countertop. It’s near impossible for you to scratch it except with diamond which is the world hardest stone. Granite can handle extreme heat and abuse and still maintain its beauty and elegance for a very long time. Granite countertop will resist damage from water unlike marble which degrades after long exposure with water. Once granite is sealed, you do not have to worry about etching or staining because it becomes less porous making it stain resistant.

One warning about dark marbles or granites, it is not recommended that you place a hot pot or pan right out of the oven on to a dark colored stone. Since the stone is a dark color it will transfer the heat the heat faster than it can expand naturally. This can cause the stone to blast out small chunks or maybe even break in two. Always have something under the pan to prevent this from happing.