Hickory Chair – The Strong and Stylish Choice

Hickory Chair – The Strong and Stylish Choice

May 1, 2023 0 By admin

A hickory chair, or a chair made from hickory (not to be confused with the Hickory Chair company) can be a beautiful addition to any décor. Hickory wood is very tough and can sometimes be difficult to work with, which makes any kind of hickory furniture a bit more expensive than some of your other options.

Hickory is one of the strongest woods out there-a hardwood. But unlike other hardwoods, it combines strength with flexibility for one of the most durable woods you’ll find. Hickory furniture can be finished to a beautiful sheen for a very polished look, or used in the more traditional manner with the bark left on. This is a rustic look that people love for cabins or a more relaxed look in their house.

Hickory grows quite well in the United States, especially in the south. The wood has been used for everything from huge bureaus to switchplates, but Caned Chair are one of the primary and historical uses of the wood.

Hickory wood has a beautiful grain, and is usually a light- to medium-brown wood, although a stain or finish is generally applied to protect the wood, which may darken it in the finished product.

Besides the options of leaving the bark on or off, hickory chairs come with a large variety of seat options. Caning, or weaving of the chair seat with rush or other similar material, is very popular for the more rustic looking hickory chairs.

If you prefer the more finished, bark-off designs, the chair seat can be made from hickory for a matching look, from another wood for a contrasting look, or the seat may be upholstered. With upholstering you may be able to match or contrast a color or fabric from other parts of your home décor, and tie everything together in a beautiful way.

A hickory chair is going to last for a long time. The wood’s hardness, flexibility and durability mean that your chair may cost a bit more initially, but it’s going to be an investment. You’ll have that hickory chair long after other sets of chairs have come and gone.

In fact, many parents enjoy purchasing a child-size rocking chair when their children are young because it can stand up to the abuse a youngster dishes out. It will weather those years just fine, and will still be in good shape when grandchildren come along to use it.

Hickory rocking chairs, for adults or children, are a really classic look. Dating back well over 100 years, these rockers have been used for generations. The standard hickory rocker has either a wood or caned seat and can be used outside without fear of the elements.