Great American Smokeout – It’s Time to Quit Smoking

Great American Smokeout – It’s Time to Quit Smoking

April 25, 2023 0 By admin

Effects of Smoking:
It is reported that about 40 million Americans still use tobacco even though it is considered as the leading cause of preventable diseases and deaths. The effects of smok novo 2 are serious that it can harm nearly every organ of the body. It causes heart disease, stroke, and cancers. Smoking not only increase the risk of lung cancer, but also increase the risk of cancers, especially in the throat, swallowing tube, mouth, liver and kidney. In addition, smoking makes you look and feel older. Smokers tend to develop wrinkles and their teeth, fingers, and nails may be stained from tobacco smoke.

Purpose of Smoke out Day:
For every smoker, setting a date to quit can be an important step as it is not an easy thing that happens on one day. By quitting, you will improve your health and the quality and duration of your life, as well as the lives of your loved ones. With this in mind, every year, on the third Thursday of November, the American Cancer Society sponsors the Great American Smoke out, an annual event. The main purpose of this day is to quit smoking from that day on wards or use the day to prepare a plan to quit.

It is Time to Quit:
Smoking is not only affects your health but also the health of nonsmokers too and in fact every year more people die in the United States due to heart problem caused by exposure to secondhand smoke. In whatever way you use it, it is harmful to your health as there is no safe way to smoke tobacco. Since the Smoke out Day falls this year on 16th November, it is time to quit and live a tobacco-free life. Why you should quit? Though mainly for your health and your family’s health, more reasons to quit include the following:

  • you will set a good example for your children;
  • you can save money that you spent on tobacco;
  • your breath, air and clothes will become tobacco-free smell;
  • your appearance will change and you will look better;
  • tobacco stains will fade from your teeth and fingernails;
  • can live a healthy and longer life as smokers die younger than non-smokers;
  • can reduce premature wrinkling of the skin;
  • it is not only affects your health but also non-smokers too. Secondhand smoke is a serious health hazard for nonsmokers, especially children. They are at greater risk of developing heart diseases when they are exposed to secondhand smoke.


Once you decide it is time to quit, how to implement it? There are various resources available to help you from coming out of this habit.

Seek the help of National Cancer Institute’s that offers free materials, tools and quitting advice and also render the necessary support to those who want to quit smoking.

Find a support group and with the help of that group either by phone or with a counselor, or in groups you can have a better chance of achieving the desired results.
The American Cancer Society provides assistance to smokers and their family and friends. If you know anybody is having a problem to quit, support and make them aware of the Cancer Society’s programs and resources.

You may get the resources for quitting smoking, from the Centers for Disease Control also.

Inform your plan to friends, family, and co-workers and get their support. Also consult your health care provider about your plan to stop smoking who can help and support you design a quit plan.