Gift Ideas For Baby Toys

April 29, 2023 0 By admin

Baby toys come in many different shapes, sizes, and colors, but the best baby toy gift ideas are as follows:

When choosing a baby toy gift, look for something with the following attributes:

1. Bold colors: Brightly colored toys will keep a baby’s attention longer, and will help them to distinguish between parts, and what goes with what. For example, a toy that requires a baby to match shapes with the space they go in, reinforces the idea with color coordinating openings and shapes. Great examples of toys that make great baby gifts, and are brightly colored are almost anything by Lamaze, and the Touch n’ Sing blocks by Neurosmith, which come in a variety of subject matters.

2. Something that makes a sound: Just make sure it is not sharp noises. Babies love toys that make sounds, and music can also be very educational, especially when introduced at a young age. Consider toys such as the Baby’s 1st Birthday Music Set – by Edushape. Also touch n sing blocks are great, or the Mozart block. Finding toys that make music, or produce sounds that are pleasant for baby will result in more play and development.

3. Something simple: Baby toys are supposed to increase in complexity as a baby learns new skills. So, as you choose a baby toy, look for something that fits their skill level, or exceeds it by just a little bit. You want to help them develop their basic motor skills, and attune their fine motor skills. So, toys that can be pushed, pulled, tugged, etc. are all great, but keep them simple. Sometimes the best toy for a baby is a set of brightly colored blocks that the can stack, push over, throw, etc. Other great baby toy gift ideas for improving locomotive skills include plastic animals, dolls, rattles, and any toy that can help improve attention span, hand-eye coordination, and manual dexterity.

4. Illustrates cause and effect: Babies love toys that they can control, and their learning and development will progress if you give them a toy that responds with a sound or movement when the baby touches or grabs it. It teaches them cause and effect, and gives them a sense of themselves, and their power.

5. A toy that is educational: Educational toys for babies should stimulate the five senses, or at least the three most important, sight, sound, and touch. Look for toys like wrist rattles, squeak toys, pop-up toys, pull toys, musical toys, activity centers, cloth books, mirrors, and mobiles. These help with all of the above mentioned criteria, and can help you get your baby on the right track with development and learning.

A few great toys for babies include:
– Foam blocks
– Pull toys
– Tap a tune piano
– Bath toys
– Rattles
– Crib mobiles
– Etc.

Base your gift choice off the stage of development and inclinations of the child.