EMDR Therapy – The Possibilities Of Distance Therapy

May 8, 2023 0 By admin

After finishing weekend one for almost a month now, it’s dawned on me how effective EMDR Therapy can be. I’ve been testing it with about 4 clients so far, and most of them have reported remarkable changes.

Yet, I’ve also realized that after the EMDR, almost always, other things crop up. In my initial case, the individual facing anxiety ended up revealing many more things about her relationships in real life. I realized that the anxiety could have merely been a symptom that blocked the root issues. I suppose when people are not too resourceful, they get into an emotional spiral that prevents them from resolving the actual roots of their EMDR Therapy Kelowna.

The other thing  is that recently I started asking some of my fans on Facebook if they wanted someone like me to work on them regarding their fears and phobias, and I was surprised at the number of people who actually experience fears and phobias. Some of them are common ones I’ve treated using other methods before, but some are quite unique in their pathology.

Someone even asked me if it was possible to do this over the phone. As far as bilateral stimulation is concerned, I think it’s not difficult to do this. All that is required is that the client has a set of headphones rather than a handset when communicating with the therapist. Also, the therapist must be well versed to calibrate to the change of experience that the individual is talking about. The ability to detect subtle changes in tone of voice, for example, could make a difference to the treatment outcome. Another alternative is a script that is written to help the client do BLS with eye movements on the screen (like a simple flash script). It can be delivered through the net with a pre-programmed system to increase or reduce the speed, and the client can easily give feedback as to how well he or she believes he is following with a rating scale.