Do You Like Pina Colada? The Power of Hypnotic Story Telling Part 2

Do You Like Pina Colada? The Power of Hypnotic Story Telling Part 2

April 7, 2023 0 By admin

Further to my previous article on hypnotic story telling, we continue…

First of all then let’s answer that question;

when exactly should you use stories in your communication?

– Whenever you want to fully engage someone when communicating, not just their conscious mind.

– Whenever you want to help get the best resources a person has to offer working on a solution.

– When there is conscious resistance of some kind, a belief or attitude that’s preventing progress within your communication.

– Use stories when you are selling anything; including yourself.

– If you’re a therapist, use them for the benefit of your clients.

– As a parent, of course use them to get valuable moral messages and lessons to your children.

– Stories can be used to intensify positive feelings – toward you, toward a positive new behaviour (such as a diet change or exercise) or even toward a product.

Come to think of it, I can’t think of a communication environment or circumstance that would not be enhanced greatly by the Reading apps for early childhood. Due to this, I believe it is a good idea, as you learn how to use stories effectively and for maximum impact, to begin to fully imagine and consider all the ways you will be using them to improve your communication, your life and the lives of those around you.

How can anyone easily use stories with skill in their communication?

The first way to think of this is to think in terms of delivering solutions to a cited problem: How can you help deliver a solution to someone’s problem? You can think of metaphor as one way to deliver solutions.

Metaphors are particularly elegant ways to help people find a solution because they deliver process instructions – not content instructions. Process means how to do something as opposed to what specifically to do. Process instructions allow for the individual to craft their own solutions, unique to their situation.

I can remember watching the President of the came on stage at a training that I attended with him some years ago and he told us about his journey from his hotel to the training venue. He spoke of how in awe of London Taxi drivers he was. On his journey a large section of road had been closed and so they were unable to take the usual route to the hotel and the driver used his “knowledge” to find an alternative way to reach the venue in good time. As it happened, the new journey offered up some treats and different sights and was very beneficial.

You can see how that would be a useful way to start a training seminar, can’t you? To illustrate that there are many benefits to taking new routes, to show that you have knowledge and need to dip into it sometimes to get new results, to show how to easily overcome obstacles when they present themselves. When subtly and cleverly done, this is powerful stuff.

Let me move on more specifically to metaphor. People often express their problems in terms of metaphor – we can provide solutions in the same format. Have you ever heard someone say “life is a bitch?” Or “he just can’t keep his head above water,” or “I have been burning the candle at both ends?”