Designing Your Own Wall Mural For Kid’s Room Is A Lot Of Fun!

May 10, 2023 0 By admin

Have you ever thought of creating your own customized wall murals? It doesn’t really require a great artistic talent. Actually, you don’t know whether you have one because you have to try it first to find out. I believe talent is something one can acquire, especially when it comes to designing your beloved child’s room. You will not believe how easy and fun this is and you’ll pride yourself on your mural artist abilities when your family sees the results and will give you a pat or two on the back!

Customized wall murals consist of peel and stick stickers that we can affix to walls in any position we’d like resulting in many design variations. If we ever wish to reposition the stickers, we can simply peel them off the wall and stick them to another place on the wall without any damage to the surface. Sticking the mural stickers to the wall doesn’t require a wallpaper paste because they’re self-adhesive. Moreover, putting them on the wall is so easy you can let your child help! Now, this is going to be fun!

Before we start affixing the wall stickers to create our mural, we’ll need to paint a wall background with suitable colors. In choosing the right colors that will best suit your wall mural, it all depends on the mural’s theme. If we want to put an ocean-themed mural, we can use a light blue or deep-blue colors; for a tropical mural, we can use a sandy color in the foreground where we can put animal wall stickers and a sky-blue in the background.

Unlike many other murals that are fully printed as a single sheet of wallpaper, customized peel and stick wall murals allow you to discover an artist in you and your child by positioning the mural pieces however you’d like, the possibilities are endless! And it’s also a great educational activity for your child! Did I mention it’s fun?

To sum it up, creating a custom wall mural provides the following benefits:

It’s easy and fun! – You can design your own do-it-yourself wall murals together with your child. It requires no artistic talent but your finished work will look like you’re born artists!

Convenience – If you need to reposition your mural stickers, simply peel them off the wall and stick them to another spot without damaging the surface.