Creating Perfection With Custom Engagement Rings

Creating Perfection With Custom Engagement Rings

March 4, 2023 0 By admin

Custom designed engagement rings can make a lot of sense for many couples in the engagement ring market. While some couples may well fall in love with a ring in a window or magazine or website, for others a custom jeweler maybe a better option for crafting your engagement ring.

But firstly, what is a custom jeweler? A custom jeweler is a jeweler who makes items of jewelry to specific requirements. These jewelers are able to look at a photo or drawing, or listen to a customer’s preferences, and then create a wearable piece of jewelry. A good custom jeweler will provide you with sketches or computer drawings of the finished product before starting on the job.

Would a custom designed engagesmart ring be right for you? Here are some points to consider:

* Can be more cost effective. If you just have to have the same style of engagement ring as a celebrity, chances are that a custom jeweler will be able to create an excellent reproduction, usually at a lesser cost. A custom jeweler can guide you through the various aspects of costing allowing you to determine which, if any, of stone size and clarity, along with metals and settings, needs to be altered or compromised to meet your engagement ring budget.

* Reproduce vintage styles. Love vintage style rings, but don’t love the thought of pre-loved jewelery? This is where custom jewelers come into their own. Be sure to take plenty of examples of the ring styles that you love.

* Combine many details. Love filigree, engraving, and fancy settings? Love your sister’s worked shank, and your best friend’s setting? In most instances, a custom jeweler should be able to marry up the various ring details on your wish list. However, having said that, don’t forget that your ring has to be worn on your finger and has to keep the stones safe. If your wishes cannot be all accommodated you may want to listen for the reasons. If the design is just too intricate, then you may want to find a custom jeweler who has computerized equipment capable of creating finer work. If your design is unwearable, you will need to consult a little more with the jeweler.

* Heirloom gems and metals. You may have inherited a family heirloom. Sometimes after a few generations of wear, the family engagement ring can need reworking. Alternatively, you may be wanting to combine rings from both sides of the family to create your very own engagement ring. Either way, custom jewelers will be able to rebuild, overhaul, or convert the family heirloom.

* Unique one-offs. Those couples wanting a truly unique ring will be requiring a custom engagement ring.

* All the itty bitty details. A custom designed engagement ring allows a couple to make decisions about the tiniest details concerning claws, settings, engravings, side stones, etc.

* Can’t find the engagement ring you want. You can picture the ring in your head, but you just cannot find it in reality. This is most definitely a job for a custom jeweler. Make sure you are clear with your wishes.

* Time frame. If you need your rings for tonight or tomorrow, then a custom designed ring is not going to be the solution for you. Allow the jeweler enough time to prepare the design, order in the stones, and manufacture the ring. This can vary from jeweler to jeweler.

* Don’t forget that your custom jeweler will not be able to read your mind. Taking along drawings and images of all the things you want in your engagement ring is a great place to start. A quality custom jeweler will be able to provide you with drawings or computerized images of what your engagement ring will look like before starting on the work. This is a great time for any little misunderstandings to be ironed out.