Can a Pillow Save a Marriage?

Can a Pillow Save a Marriage?

March 16, 2023 0 By admin

New, Advanced Pillow Design Offers Relief for People Who Snore – and Their Significant Others!

There have been dozens of snore relief products manufactured in the past decade. Some of them slightly alter or diminish snoring, but none of them have been truly effective. Snoring not only causes the snorer to lose sleep and deprive themselves of needed rest, but the person who shares their bed suffers from lack of sleep as well. Snoring can be loud – the loudest snore on record logged in at 112.8 decibels!

Snorers and their families will be thrilled to know that a Sleeping pillow has been released to the market that will assist to reduce snoring and prevent sleep apnoea. After two years of research, this amazing pillow provides total comfort to the user, while eliminating snoring by about 80% of users who tested the pillow.

According to the inventor of the pillow; “Regular pillows support the head and neck, but the body has to adjust and this creates odd or unnatural angles and positions that encourage rather than discourage snoring. Snoring isn’t just an annoyance. It can be serious. Some snorers have a condition called sleep apnea which causes the throat to be blocked and thus air is not getting through, Snorers – whether they have sleep apnea or not – do not get a full night’s sleep and their sleep is not as deep or restful as it should be. This leads to tiredness and irritability in both the sleep-deprived person and their spouse. An anti-snoring pillow is available in the market for the first time, giving snorers a good night’s sleep.

Studies show that improper posture when sleeping contributes to snoring, as does the improper elevation of the head and neck. This anti-snoring pillow corrects these problems. This correction not only means less snoring, but an easier night’s sleep – many insomnia sufferers will find that use of this advanced pillow ends their insomnia. The discomfort and awkward positions of the upper body, head, and neck contribute to restlessness and disturbed sleep. This anti-snoring Pillow resolves these issues.

Consumers wonder whether this pillow eliminates the need for a CPAP machine. It’s best to speak to your doctor before discontinuing the use of the machine, especially if it is working for you. If you find the CPAP machine uncomfortable and find that you can’t use it, share the information about this anti-snoring Pillow and if he or she agrees, test the pillow as an alternative to the machine. The only way for someone to know how well these perfect sleep pillow works is to use it.

The difference between this new anti-snoring Pillow and other stop-snoring pillows is the patented design and ultra-comfort materials. After exhaustive research and trial, this anti-snoring company discovered the right formula for ensuring restful sleep – by examining the entire body, and the position of the various parts of the body during sleep. When this holistic approach was taken, the results were revolutionary – a body pillow that focuses on the head and neck but accounts for the rest of the body was the right answer!

To learn more about the highly acclaimed anti-snoring Pillow that improves the lives of snorers and their families, visit our website. It is important to note that even if you don’t snore, you will get a more restful night’s sleep on this pillow.