Annual Congress and Medicare Expo on Trauma & Critical Care

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Conference Name: 5th Annual Congress and Medicare Expo on Trauma & Critical Care

It’s our pleasure to invite all the participants from all over the world to attend the 5th Annual Congress and Medicare Expo on Trauma & Critical Care which is held during March 05-06, 2019 at Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Trauma & Critical Care conference will assemble illustrious speakers, Researchers, Nobel laureates, Neurologists, and Psychiatry researchers from both academic and health care professionals will join this event to discuss their views and research. The Medical event will be organized by world Doctors and Medical professionals experts for conducting symposiums, B2B meetings, and workshops will also be conducted on the field of Critical care, Emergency care medicine, Trauma Therapy Toronto.

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Why Amsterdam?
Amsterdam is the capital and largest city of the Netherlands. It is the15th largest city in the European Union. The Netherlands has a network of 160 acute primary care centres, open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, making an open clinic within easy reach for most people. Acute primary care is offered by a combination of 121 general practice health centres, which are open outside office hours, and a total of 94 medical emergency units with surgery facilities, of which 90 are at hospital locations, open 24/7. In 71 cases general practice services and emergency rooms are found in one hospital location, bringing the total number of locations where acute care is offered to 160. Analysis by the Netherlands National Institute for Public Health and the Environment showed that 99.8 present of the people can be transported to an emergency unit / casualty ward, or a hospital offering emergency obstetrics within 45 minutes in 2015.
As the commercial capital of the Netherlands and one of the top financial centres in Europe, Amsterdam is considered an alpha world city by the Globalization and World Cities study group in 2012, Amsterdam was ranked the second best city to live in by the Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) and 12th globally on quality of living for environment and infrastructure by Mercer.

Conference Highlights
•Critical Care in Trauma
•Intensive Care in Trauma
•Obstetric Trauma
•Psychological Trauma
•Blunt Trauma
•Elderly Trauma and Critical Care
•Pediatric Trauma
•Trauma-Emergency Medicine
•Trauma in Nursing and Midwifery
•Biological Need of Trauma
•Trauma & Critical care Nursing
•Trauma Therapy
•Trauma Care
•Delirium in Critical care
•Evolution in Emergency Medical Practices
•Trauma Mass Casualties Incidents
•New Technology in Trauma
•Trauma-An International Perspective

This live event is looking for new approaches and scopes to thoroughly review the scientific as well as clinical aspect of addiction. Join with more than 500 colleagues for interactive, innovative and incredible experience in beautiful city of Amsterdam, Netherlands

Learning Objectives

1. Share and describe new developments in the field of Emergency & Advanced Health Care
2. They can compare research guidelines and good practices with new current practices and strength or gaps
3. Discover new research techniques in development with practical implication used in recovery treatment or research fields
4. Participants can build their networks of professionals and can find valuable resources
5. Explain recent or upcoming changes in policy to identify provider involvement areas
6. Demonstrate the knowledge while treating patients in clinical aspects
7. Usage of various patient screening tools that used to identify usage of substance abuse and interpretation results
8. Enhance patient’s readiness to change in their risky behaviors by using motivational interviewing
9. Also will be offer referral in regards to behavioral interventions which include support groups as well as mutual groups that will assist in recovery process