Add Frozen Yogurt to Your Diet and Enjoy the Health Benefits

Add Frozen Yogurt to Your Diet and Enjoy the Health Benefits

April 16, 2023 0 By admin

The summer of is proving to be an even hotter year for frozen yogurt franchises, recession notwithstanding. Take a walk through the many shopping centers and strip malls across the nation and there’s a newly opened frozen yogurt shop.

The craze, or perhaps we should say its second coming, had its start in Southern California. With the success of popular yogurt brands such as Pinkberry and Red Mango, many yogurt franchise opportunities have cropped up; and, since 2007, they’ve been steadily growing. People have seen their own interest in the product and visualized how this can translate into earnings.

In total, that’s a whole lot of organic frozen yogurt mix supplier yogurt franchises. How many individual yogurt shops that represents might leave recent investors with some sleepless nights. But, perhaps the fact that the frozen sweets industry has become a $12 billion business-a big percentage of which is attributed to yogurt-might provide some comfort.

Recent trend shows that many franchises are moving away from the popular “designer” frozen yogurt franchise models of the Pinkberrys and Red Mangoes of the industry and moving toward the self-serve types. Aside from the usually more expensive franchise cost, the products are generally more expensive as well.

These days, even with the popularity of yogurt desserts, at $5-$7, customers will stay away. Or, given the choice to pump their own servings, get charged by weight (anywhere from 30 to 50 cents an ounce-roughly $3 for a cup or sometimes less), and get the same variety of toppings, they’d forgo the fancy décor and the brand name in a heartbeat.

Self-serve yogurt franchises do not mean staff-free. It just means fewer staff. It would be best to keep a good number of staffers to ensure that hygiene issues do not crop up and order is maintained. This is one key point where a franchise’s business model will either see investors through or not.

As it stands, competition is fierce. The frozen yogurt machine is booming and everyone wants a piece. Only time will tell who will be left standing. There are actually just too many praises to say with it.

The main factor to consider in having an effective frozen yogurt franchise is to look for an area that doesn’t have a yogurt bar yet. There are so many yogurt shops but you have to do your best in proximity compared to ordinary yogurt shops when it comes to the uniqueness and the variety it includes.