A Tip for Ear-bud Wearers

A Tip for Ear-bud Wearers

March 3, 2023 0 By admin

Whether you have an iPod or any other portable device like an MP3 player, you probably use an earphone. Many, like myself prefer, the in-the-ear ear-bud style. The problem with using an ear-bud is that it has a tendency to fall out. Especially when there is movement involved. I work out at the local gym and like to listen to music. The cord that connects my MP3 is long enough which is okay, but sometimes it still pulls the plugs right out when I move excessively. That annoying problem can be easily solved.

I figured that someone on the internet must have a solution and I was right. I found a kit where you can make a mold of your ear using a silicon compound. After it is formed, then you place to sell beats solo 2 in the ear along with the newly-molded plugs and they will hold the device in place. It’s a simple idea, but it made me think of a better one.

When I travel, I always have a pair of silicon wax ear plugs along in case the hotel room is too noisy for sleeping soundly. They are sold at most drug stores like Walgreens. You just form them into a ball and pop them in after inserting the bud. So now,I use them to anchor my ear-buds and they do not fall out. After I’m done, I remove them and store them in my small carrying case for the next time I need them. If they ever get too well used, they are cheap enough to buy more. The cost around six dollars for eight silicon balls. I use the Mack’s, but any kind will do the trick.

As a byproduct, they also act as noise-canceling devices and help stop the ambient sounds around the gym. One last note. Because they are silicon, they should be stored in a plastic sleeve of some kind or they will adhere to fabric, picking up bits of material. I use a small patch of clear plastic film, but anything similar will do. Then enjoy your music.