7 Reasons Why Hot Air Ballooning Makes a Great Adventure

June 15, 2023 0 By admin

Want to go sailing the blue skies? Then hot air ballooning is for you. Nothing comes closer to being off the ground and relying on the weather to propel you forward. As with sailing, learning how to rely on the weather’s whims is the basis of hot air ballooning. This fact represents a big percentage of the activity’s adventure factor. For the remaining percent here’s why this feat is a great adventure.

1. No frills, all thrills. No training, no skills, no equipment, just an eager beaver ready to take on the skies. This is what wine country balloon rides requires at the most. Everyone can enjoy this activity which is advisable for the whole family. You need not have flying skills or rent expensive personal gear. The most ground learning you will have is a 30 minute safety briefing and you are off!

2. A great way to ease into the idea of flying. Stress free adventure that caters best to those who have fears of flying and heights. The preparation and safety measures of your experienced ballooning crew will surely put you at ease. The gentle take off and sublime soaring, as well as the precise landings will put all your fears to rest as you will only have room to feel relaxed and amazed at the magical feeling of flight that only balloon rides can give. The unrushed and laid back procedures of taking into the air will not at all make you feel scared and anxious. This activity eases you into the great feat of flying as you get to learn and understand its principles.

3. Fantastic sights. If you got into a speeding aircraft, you may fly too fast to even see what beauty there is below. If you were hoisted into the air harnessed to a parachute and towed by a boat, your views may be limited to areas of water. All these are great outdoor activities that make you airborne. But most often than not, the adrenalin surge just keeps the beauty of the scenery masked behind that undeniable exhilaration. Go sightseeing as it was intended to be. Easy going, relaxed and unperturbed. Views of sprawling vineyards, pristine waterways and beaches, magnificent mountain ranges and that perfect morning horizon all in store at a 720 degree view.

4. Be a part of aviation history. Hot air balloons have come a long way, starting from aviation history when man spent countless hours dreaming of taking flight. Aviation at its simplest but most magnificent show. An activity full of rich heritage and nostalgia.

5. A great way to connect with interesting people. What does being in a wicker basket for an hour and being with people of different nationalities, from different cultures have in common? Absolutely nothing. Unless you put both into a hot air balloon. Then you will discover so much in common. This activity is so amazing that you will discover the magic flying has. It bridges cultures, nationalities and penetrates language barriers. The uniting factor? Man’s long lived dream of being airborne.

6. Get to know how. Know how it works. Find out how the simplest elements of nature can be consolidated to give way to man’s dreams of flying. Adventure starts even on terra firma as you will be amazed at how the balloon is inflated, watching every step as you see a packaged fabric inflate to a magnificent way to fly.

7. A great way to have a relaxing getaway. Seeing how an ordinary balloon can float in the air can be mesmerizing at times. Swaying and dancing to the wind’s own, floating dreamily towards the infinite atmosphere. Imagine you are now with that balloon. Seemingly floating away leaving cares to the wind. Balloon fights are one great stress buster. Get swept away even for just an hour and be recharged enough to take on another week of life’s daily toil.