3 Key Reasons Your Business Needs a Toll Free Phone Number

April 30, 2023 0 By admin

Businesses choose to use toll free phone numbers for several reasons. First and foremost, they are easy to obtain and affordable, even for smaller businesses. Secondly, businesses that offer a toll free phone number are perceived as more established because they show a high level of professionalism. These digits convey the notion that a company is doing business on a national level and has enough customers to justify a toll free phone number, and thus, the public sees the business as one that is highly competent because of its apparent success.

Among the many reasons a business should invest in a toll free phone number, there are three of them that are key. These reasons pertain to the location and scope of the business, the cost effectiveness of an 800 number and the branding initiative that these numbers can provide.


  1. Location and Scope of Business If a company plans to attract customers and clients from anywhere outside of its local area code, a toll free phone number is vital to establishing an easy contact method. Studies show that customers are 30 times more likely to call 800 numbers than local exchanges. Unless a business is marketing to an exceptionally small scope of the population, a toll free number is necessary to attract new customers. 800 numbers are also excellent ways for a business to mask its physical location. A local number gives away the company’s location to those searching for products and services. A customer searching for a product in California is very unlikely to call a New Jersey local number for more information or to make a purchase. When an 800 number is presented, locality rarely enters the customer’s mind. A toll free phone number also gives businesses the freedom to expand and grow without changing the phone number. This enables previous customers to reconnect easily for repeat business, causing fewer disruptions after a move. In this way, the stability of an 800 number helps businesses remain strong even after changes in location.
  2. Cost Effectiveness Considering all the benefits of a toll free phone number, it is a highly cost effective solution to potential problems. They allow businesses to obtain a marketing tool that instills consumer confidence, projects a professional image and attracts customers from a wider geographic range. 800 numbers also provide technological benefits such as capturing a caller’s ID even when it’s a blocked or unlisted number. In some cases, name and address information can also be captured. This helps businesses create consumer databases for use with marketing efforts. Cutting down on the Vanity phone numbers of leads that need to be bought and advertising to your own customer base makes for cost effective marketing. Another added technological benefit is the ability to forward calls to any number when needed. When coupled with a virtual pbx, an 800 number can have flexible forwarding features. This lets the small businessperson stay flexible and meet the many demands of an entrepreneur.
  3. Branding Initiative Even a small business can be a major player with a toll free phone number. A professional image effectively complements a company’s branding efforts. It helps to ensure that you are presenting your brand’s image in a positive way. Vanity toll free numbers are also used as marketing tools to enhance a company’s brand. These numbers are more memorable, essentially helping to make the business a household name. This makes it easier for existing clients to spread the word about the company’s services and new clients to get in touch without trying to search for a contact number. 800 numbers also add to the branding initiative by boosting consumer confidence. The consumer assumption is that businesses with toll free numbers are larger, more stable and more credible. Customers have a greater sense of trust when they believe a company is easy to reach at no cost. Presenting the brand in a way that instills trust is especially important for Internet-based businesses. Finally, toll free phone numbers increase a company’s market presence. Just as a strong URL name enhances brand recognition and prestige, toll free vanity numbers give branding a boost. When used together, a vanity URL and number create stronger visibility.


It is clear that businesses with major ambition will gain an advantage with a toll free number. The extended reach, cost effectiveness and enhanced branding benefits allow even small businesses to thrive next to larger, stronger competitors.